Energihotellet © Statens Vegvesen. Photo: Dag Jenssen

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The "Green travel" label is a national symbol that highlights that a product has an official eco-certification. When you chose a product labeled with the "Grass turf" you can be assured that the business follow strict rules and guidelines for the production and management of waste, energy, transport, use of chemicals and demands for subcontractors. These measures go beyond what the Norwegian law requires.

By looking for the Tussock for green travel on our page you can easily find the greener choices in our municipality. The full overview has also been collected for you below.

Suldal is proud to be accredited as a "Sustainable Destination", a national sustainability scheme which focuses on developing more responsible tourism across Norway. The scheme offers the destination tools and ways to measure its carbon footprint, operate in ways that strengthen the local culture and heritage, and work to ensure financial sustainability for businesses and communities alike, making the destinations a great place both to live in and to visit.

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The following things to do in Suldal fall under Green Travel.