Veg ved vatn
Kilen © Statens vegvesen. Foto: Dag Jenssen
Fjord, fjell og blomar
Geitrams © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Jarle Lunde/Suldal Foto

Round tours

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Suldal lies at the junction between deep fjords and high mountains, two national tourist routes, the attractions Preikestolen and Trolltunga, idyllic villages and hidden bathing spots. Our villages are therefore the perfect starting point for exploring what the region has to offer. Here you have some of our selected tours.

Exploration of the fjord islands


On this drive you will come close to some of the most beautiful Suldal can offer in terms of rich fjord scenery, where the fjord is quiet as far as you can see and you will find a number of beautiful lookout points and hidden fjord alleys.

The trip starts on the Ropeid peninsula where you can take a stroll through idyllic Marvik and Hebnes or enjoy an ice cream and life in the boat harbor in Vatlandsvåg. Maybe they take a trip to Grytenuten or take the cultural history trail around Grytevatnet? At Hebnes you can visit the first vineyard in Rogaland! You can also drive to Jelsa, which is the best-preserved beach town in Ryfylke. Here you can stroll between white wooden houses in the center, and through the cultural history trail, you can learn more about local history. Perhaps you have lunch at the beautiful Jelsa Hotell or plan a visit to our fruit garden Fuglestein Fruktgard, which has its own fruit garden. Along the entire route, you will find good bathing spots, hiking trails, and cycling opportunities.

Driving distance: 80 km

From the fjord to Høgfjellet, and down again


On this tour you get the best of both the fjord landscape and the highlands. The tour starts in the fjord village and the municipal center Sand, and takes you along the famous salmon river Suldalslågen before taking off towards Gullingen. On small, winding roads, you quickly climb up in altitude until you reach the hiking eldorado of Gullingen. Here you can enjoy fresh air, take a shower in the waterfall, swim in Lake Mosvatnet and explore great hiking and cycling trails. When you have finished enjoying Høgfjellet, you take the road down via Jøsenfjorden, and follow the National Tourist Route via Erfjord back to Sand. Feel free to stop at the memorial to Georg Fjellberg - a great lookout point!

Driving distance: 70 km

Everyday life in bird paradise


Jelsa is the best-preserved beach town in Ryfylke, and is voted the most idyllic town in Rogaland, while the neighboring village of Erfjord has a beautiful bird reserve perfect for bird lovers. The fjord road between these hamlets can make most people lose their breath. Feel free to stop at the farm sales office of Fuglestein Fruktgard on the way or have lunch at Jelsa Hotell. By combining both hamlets, you get both rich culture and natural life, while at the same time, you get close to everyday life, gardens, and fjords. Jelsa church, Jelsa school museum, and museum garden Hålandstunet are also great stops.

Driving distance: 75 km

Water power and wild nature


Spend a day in wild high mountain nature where you can sometimes feel like you have nature all to yourself! The trip starts on winding roads to Gullingen, where you drive further towards Blåsjø on narrow construction roads with great views of waterfalls, lakes, and magnificent nature. When you see a huge pond, you know you'll be there soon! Blåsjø is Norway's largest dam facility and consists of a total of 11 large and smaller dams. The area is a great starting point for walking, cycling, and fishing.

Note! The road is closed for part of the year due to snow.

Driving distance: 106 km

Fjord safari to the "city"


It is the fjord road that has connected the villages in Ryfylke throughout history, and Stavanger is therefore called "the city" by most permanent residents to this day. Travel through Ryfylke as they did in the past by taking the fast boat from Sand to Stavanger. The trip takes around two hours and gives a completely new perspective on the fjord villages and the high mountains. Enjoy a few hours in the oil capital of Stavanger, where you can stroll through the old town, go shopping and visit various museums that are just a short walk from the quay. In the afternoon or evening, you take the same fast boat back to Sand.

Driving length: The boat trip takes around two hours.

From fjord to glacier on our National Tourist Routes


Go from idyllic fjord villages to glacier hiking in a few hours, along two of the most beautiful stretches of road Norway has to offer! On this tour, you start in the municipal center Sand, and follow the National Tourist Route Ryfylke up to Røldal. Here you continue on the National Tourist Route Hardanger towards Odda and on to Jondal. From here, they offer a number of different experiences on and around the Folgefonna glacier. For a round trip, take the road back via Åkrafjorden. Along the way you will find a number of great experiences and lookout points. For a longer trip, we recommend a trip to the barony in Rosendal from 1665.

Driving distance: 370 km


Discovery Route is the name of the historic route along RV 13 through Fjord Norway from Stavanger to Bergen, along the National Tourist Route Ryfylke and the National Tourist Route Hardanger. The route was established in the 19th century when guests came into Ryfylke and Hardanger by horse and cart to experience spectacular mountains, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, and fjords. Along the route, you will find great places to stay, experiences, and hiking areas.

Through UpNorway you can experience Norway's most sustainable round trip. Here, the trip is tailored to your wishes and needs.

Driving distance: 350 km

NB! Driving length on the routes varies depending on the village in Suldal you are heading to.