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Course and conference

Place to eat

Suldal, with its magnificent nature, idyllic villages and rich offer of local cuisine, creates an ideal basis for courses and conferences. Here you can combine meetings and conversations with visits to local food producers, leisurely walks, team building activities at local farms and good taste experiences on short trips!

Meeting and conference room

Several of our accommodation locations offer meeting and conference rooms. Here are some selected places:

  • Ryfylke fjordhotell has meeting rooms in several sizes, which can be adapted for anything from 5-300 people. The hotel is located in the center of Sand, where you can enjoy dining in their indoor and outdoor restaurant with a panoramic view of the Sandsfjord. The boat from Stavanger also docks close to the hotel.
  • At Energihotellet on Nesflaten, they have meeting rooms for up to 35 people, where you can combine meeting activities with a fantastic four-course meal in the restaurant, a guided tour of the power village and other activities in the surrounding area. Energihotellet can also organize meeting rooms with other providers in the village.
  • Jelsa Hotell is located close to the fjord landscape in what is often called the best-preserved beach town in Ryfylke. Here you can combine meeting rooms for up to 35 people with serving local produce in the restaurant, a tour of the historic beach town, relaxing strolls and visits to local food producers.
  • Laksegarden by Suldalslågen, Mo Laksegard, offers a conference room with seating for 33 people. Mo Laksegard is an activity center for experiences in and by the river, and a gathering here can be combined with a visit to the farm brewery, gathering at the Mosque, wilderness camp, salmon safari, river expedition and much more.
  • The restored shelter at TræGården set the perfect atmosphere for an atmospheric evening. Here they also serve uncooked food from the farm with products from woolly pigs, wagyu, wild sheep and wild sheep.
  • If you wish to organize the gathering in another city, our local cafes, KULP, Brunsj and Drøs, can also offer meals according to your wishes.

Team building and activities

Perhaps they wish to combine meeting days with some respite where you can get out to get new impulses and to bond outside the office? Here are some suggestions for cool activities you can take with you:

  • Mo Laksegard offers wilderness camps with various "team building" activities and food in lavo
  • Join Mo Laksegard out in the river, either on a salmon safari where you float in a dry suit with the current or in a raft on a river expedition
  • Get close to the local ingredients by taking the group on a wine tasting at Hebnes vineyard, on a tour of the production premises at Suldalshonning, on a visit to the bakery at Fattnes Vestre or on a walk among the many thousands of apple trees at the Fuglestein Fruktgard orchard.
  • Get an insight into history with a private tour of Ryfylkemuseet's many beautiful museum gardens. At Litunet they get a fantastic view of the Hylsfjorden, at Kolbeinstveit they get the history of one of the large gardens in Suldalssamfunnet in the 19th century and at their head office in Sand center you can visit their permanent exhibitions. It is also possible to rent the historic sailing ship Brødrene af Sand! Read more about several of the facilities at
  • Enjoy relaxing hours in SuldalBad, where you can reserve the entire facility for groups outside opening hours on request. There are also several that offer hot tubs and sauna stoves, such as Mo Laksegard, Ryfylke fjordhotell, Energihotellet and Vikane hyttetun.
  • During the salmon season, June-September, you can visit Norway's first Salmon Studio. Here you can make an appointment with your own guide who will tell you more about the history surrounding the salmon and the lågen in what is Norway's largest power municipality.
  • For those who want an experience on the fjord, Helgøy Skyssbåt offers guided tours into the historic Hylsfjord on request - the fjord which used to be one of the most important waterways between east and west in the country!
  • Each hamlet in Suldal also has a rich hiking network. Suggestions for hiking trails can be found under "hiking" here at In the heath you will also find great hiking trails, as well as DNT's tourist cabins.

Organization of the trip to and in Suldal

Suldal lies along the National Tourist Route Ryfylke, two hours from Stavanger, Haugesund and Odda. You can therefore easily get to us from large parts of the region. From Haugesund and Røldal there is a bus, while from Stavanger you can take the speedboat - something that is a great experience in itself!

Suldalsbussen offers buses of various sizes for those who want transport to Suldal and/or during their stay to be taken care of. In Suldalsbussen, they also use local guides who know our destination well! At ReiseTeam, they can also be of help in developing entire packages for you who want someone to take care of planning the framework for the gathering with accommodation, catering and activities.

Do you want help with the planning?

Feel free to contact us if you have questions related to courses and conferences in Suldal and I can give you more tips to suit your needs and wishes.