Sittegruppe på designhotell
Energihotellet © Statens vegvesen. Foto: Dag Jenssen.
Personar på fjelltopp med fjordutsikt
Hellandsnuten © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Ryfylkefotografen.



At work, you no longer have to wait for a weekend or holiday to enjoy the good experiences. By taking your office to Suldal, you can enjoy the sun from a mountain top, have lunch in the fresh mountain air, and explore fishing lakes, ski slopes, and new hiking routes after the working day is over.

Good long-term offers

At your workstation in Suldal, you can travel between a number of beautiful hotels and cabin yards where mountains, fjords, rivers, and lakes are your closest neighbors. What does it provide more inspiration for the working day than looking out over the salmon as a pair of hops in Suldalslågen, quiet fjords, or the seasons that are slowly, but surely, leaving their mark on the surrounding landscape? Here you get a full overview of our accommodation cities that can tailor a offered to you based on your wishes. Several cabin yards also offer tenants fully equipped kitchens.

In a moment with nature

Suldal municipality stretches over 1737 km2 divided into just under 4000 inhabitants, which means that you usually get good nature experiences for yourself. In Suldal you can explore the highest peaks in Rogaland, test out a rich selection of fishing lakes, enjoy life in a fjord village, and enjoy a number of good cultural events. During the winter season, you will find miles of marked ski trails in the Gullingen area, including two adapted lighted trails for dark evenings. Hjå Suldal Bad you can end the day with a role symjetur or a trip into the jacuzzi.

Working Communities

Are you looking for office space or a larger community to be a part of? Feel free to contact us for more information about Workation for office space and adapted fellowships for those who bring their home office to Suldal.