Laksesafari © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Lise Bjelland
Fiskarar i elva
Laksefiske © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Lise Bjelland

Salmon adventure in Suldal


Suldal is home to two salmon rivers and the wild salmon strain Salmo Suldal. Here you can hunt for large salmon, float down the river in a dry suit and visit Norway's first salmon studio. This is the complete salmon guide to Suldal.

Salmon fishing: The dream of the big salmon!

Fishermen come from all over the world to Suldal every season in the hope of catching large salmon. Suldalslågen is the most water-rich watercourse in Western Norway, and is especially known for the wild salmon strain that goes by the name Salmo Suldal. Suldal also has a salmon river in Håland in Erfjord. The salmon season in Hålandselva starts on 15 June, while in Suldalslågen it starts on 10 July.

Before you start fishing, you must obtain a fishing license from the local landowner, and you must pay the fishing fee from the Norwegian Environment Agency. You can get a fishing license for Suldalslågen from the landowner in question. You can get an overview of all the landowners at Tourism companies such as Mo Laksegard, Træ Gården, Lågatun Hytter, Mo Feriehytter and Lindum Camping offer both accommodation and fishing licences. Fishing licenses for the Håland River can be obtained from Stavanger and Rogaland Hunters and Fishing Association (SRJF).

You must also familiarize yourself with the rules for fishing in the river. If you are new to the river, I recommend starting with guided fishing trips. At Mo Laksegard you can get high-end salmon fishing packages and fishing with a guide.

To avoid the risk of infection between rivers, it is particularly important that you disinfect all equipment before you go fishing.

Norway's first salmon studio and salmon LIVE

Salmon studio in Suldal was ready in 1988, something that makes it Norway's first. Here you get an insight into the life of the wild salmon and the natural ring run it has. At the bottom of the studio, you can look into the fifth step of the salmon ladder, at the salmon that are on their way from the fjord up to their home river to spawn. Perhaps you can also point out the salmon you later hope to catch in the river? You can also learn more about the unique species, how the salmon has led to great joy and great displeasure in the Suldal community and about the management work that goes on to this day. Salmon studio is open from June to September.

Via the YouTube stream, you can also follow the fish in the studio LIVE during the salmon season. You can find the stream on the front page of in season.

Close to Laksestudio you will find the architectural work Høsebrua, a good hiking network, Suldal tourist office and Sand centre.

Float down the river on a salmon safari

At Mo Laksegard, they offer (with the exception of when the river is too small in the period December-March) the world-famous Salmon Safari, which has, among other things, led to American and Chinese superstars finding their way to Suldal. Here you put on a dry suit and diving goggles before going out into the river and floating down with the current. During the salmon season, they organize two fixed trips a week. Alternatively, you can book a salmon safari for groups of at least six people.

Feel free to combine the salmon safari with the wilderness camp, a bath in a wood-fired log or a better dinner at Mo Laksegard.

Purchase of fishing equipment

In the municipal center Sand you will find Sand Sport with everything you need for salmon fishing. Here you get good help in choosing fishing equipment, trekking clothing, and more.

Suldal hunting and fishing team

Suldal hunting and fishing club brings together fishing enthusiasts from the entire municipality. Several times a year they offer courses in salmon fishing, gatherings for salmon enthusiasts and their own camp for female salmon fishermen.

Accommodation by the river

Along Suldalslågen you will find a number of great hotels and garden cottages with fantastic views over the river, so close that you can see the fish jump if you are lucky. Several of the accommodation sites also offer fishing huts by the river, barbecues and more. Read more about our accommodation options on the "Food & Accommodation" page.