Ei lita bygd ved vatn
Nesflaten © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Dag Jenssen
Menneske på torg
Ryfylkedagane © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Lise Bjelland

Village safari

National Tourist Route

Suldal has a number of beautiful villages, each with its own unique charm. Here you can explore new areas every single day of the week!

Municipal center Sand

Sand lies at the junction between Sandsfjorden, Saudafjorden and Hylsfjorden. Here you will find small wooden houses with local cafes, exhibitions and niche shops. Sand is the municipal center in Suldal. Here is some of what you can experience at Sand:

Secure a good deal and a good cafe visit with a great view of the Sandsfjord in the center of Sand or at Garaneset. A market hall is organized at Sand torg on regular days of the month.

Explore the exhibitions at Nesasjøhuset.

Take a bath at the Hydrokaien. Here you can also rent kayaks, SUPs and other equipment.

Challenge the family to bowling, catch the latest films at the cinema or take part in a fun event at the Kulturhuset in Suldal.

See who can swim the longest and jump the highest at Suldal Bad.

Explore the two climbing parks in the centre.

Take the trip to Hellandsnuten to enjoy the view over five fjords, or take the stroll via Høsebrua along Suldalslågen, or up to Fiskebergåsen. From Fiskebergåsen you get a fantastic view of the center of Sand.

Visit Laksestudio and Suldal tourist information at Sandsfossen during the summer season. Out of season, find a Suldal tourist information office at Garaneset.

Rent an e-bike and set off on an adventure where you get close to Suldalslågen and everyday life at Sand.

Take the cultural-historical trail "Sand safari". With the help of QR codes, you will gain insight into life in the beach town in the 18th and 20th centuries.

Join activities such as salmon safaris, river expeditions, paddling trips and more via our tourism companies.

Follow the Facebook group "Sand i Suldal" for information about what is happening.

Jelsa - the best-preserved beach town in Ryfylke

Jelsa is the best-preserved beach town in Ryfylke, and has been voted the most idyllic town in Rogaland several times. Here is some of what you can experience at Jelsa:

Visit Jelsa church and the school museum in the summer season. Here you can hear fascinating stories from Jelsa and Ryfylke from the 17th century to the present day.

Take the cultural-historical trail that runs through the center of Jelsa. Through the QR point, you can hear stories about Jelsa church, about "yes benches" and about when electricity first came to the village.

Enjoy a few hours at the bathing stands at Jelsa quay or in the center of Jelsa.

Take a walk or bike ride between white-painted wooden houses where you'll get close to everyday life.

The trip from Jelsa to Erfjord via Foreneset offers fantastic views and lots of flashbacks!

Join the guided tour in Økstrafjorden with Fjord Expedition.

Visit the apple orchard Fuglestein Fruktgard or shop from their orchard sales by the road. Remember to order!

Erfjord - fjord idyll and dazzling bird life

Erfjord is an idyllic fjord hamlet known for its rich bird life and fantastic views of the fjord landscape. Here is some of what you can experience in Erfjord:

Take the family on a relaxed stroll around Erøy with its rich bird life and great fjord views.

Enjoy the magnificent view at the great garden Håland. Ryfylkemuseet has opened its grounds on selected days of the year.

Try the fishing hatch in Hålandselva or in the fjord. Remember to familiarize yourself with local rules and norms before you go fishing!

Enjoy the fantastic view from "Kammen".

Take a swim at the charming Habn beach.

Ropeidhalvøya - fjord hamlets with a historic buzz

The Ropeid peninsula has a number of idyllic small villages close to the fjord. The area has a rich history that stretches back many hundreds of years. Here is some of what you can experience on the Ropeid Peninsula:

Visit Torstein av Heimnes - a memorial to one of the greatest Viking chieftains in Ryfylke.

Rent e-bikes and set off on a cycling adventure through the idyllic fjord landscape.

Take the cultural-historical trail around Grytevatnet. Here you will hear stories about chiefs, historical discoveries and cave calls.

Take the trip to Grytenuten for one of the best views in the area.

Get up close to boating in Vatlandsvåg with a shop, toilet and opportunities to rent a bike, boat and fishing equipment.

Travel on a farm visit with wine tasting to Midsummer at Hebnes. Remember to order!

Suldalsosen - close to river and lake

Suldalsosen is an idyllic hamlet that forms the junction between Suldalslågen and Suldalvatnet. Here you get close to good hiking experiences and the wet element. Here is some of what you can experience at Suldalsosen:

Take a stroll or bike ride close to village life and Suldalslågen. A trip to the Førlandsøyane or along Ritlandsvatnet is great for the little ones.

Enjoy rich nature up to Vinjanuten and Stråpanuten, where you can mostly walk in peace.

Visit the historical museum towns Litunet and Kolbeinstveit. In the summer season, they come to life with hosts and animals.

Set out on Suldalsvatnet by boat or canoe. If you're lucky, you can get aure on the hook!

Nesflaten - wild nature and powerful architecture

Nesflaten is the northernmost hamlet in Suldal and lies idyllically at the foot of several high mountains and the northern part of Suldalsvatnet. The neighborhood is known for good nature experiences and its unique power architecture. Here is some of what you can do at Nesflaten:

Explore the power architecture in the Kilen area, where western nature collides with modern funky houses.

Take a walk through the idyllic center of Nesflaten, where you will come close to high mountains and Suldalsvatnet.

Head to the iconic Nipe rock formation.

Explore a rich tour network and great tourist huts.

Rent an e-bike and set off on construction roads largely free of traffic. Here you get close to fantastic nature.

Vanvik - close to the Hylsfjorden

Vanvik is one of several idyllic hamlets in Hylsfjorden - a majestic fjord in the very north of Ryfylke. Here is some of what you can do in Vanvik:

Visit the impressive Rosebua. Open for groups on booking via Ryfylkemuseet.

Enjoy a relaxed day at the Sanvikjå bathing area. Here they have a sand volleyball court, seating areas and a floating jetty.

Enjoy fjord life by the quay with fishing and relaxation close to the water.

Take a trip to several of the beautiful peaks in the vicinity. Here you get a fantastic view of the fjord.

Most villages have their own convenience store. Here you also often find a petrol pump, a local post office and often a small selection of pharmacy goods.