Fjord running through the valley
Lise Bjelland
Suldal is an Eldorado for ski lovers, with over 70 km prepared ski trails in the high season.
Image of starry night sky
© Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Jarle Lunde/ Suldal Foto
Spend the night under a starry sky on one of Suldals longer hikes.
Image of Blåsjø
Blåsjø, Foto: Statkraft
Suldal is home to the largest hydropower reservoir in Norway, perfect for mountain hikes and cycling.
Høsebridge at night
Høsebrua, Foto: Dag Jenssen
Experience architecture along the National Tourist Route Ryfylke.
Salmon fishing in Suldalsågen
Suldalslågen, © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Inge Riska
Do you dream of catching a big salmon in a world renowned river?

Discover Suldal – a treasure chest of attractions and experiences, set in scenic Fjord Norway. Stay and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in and around Sand’s city centre, with its many shops and cafés. Float down the Suldalslågen river on a salmon safari, or visit the unique architectural sights along the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke. Explore the website and plan for your visit to Suldal.

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Welcome to the Treasure Chamber Suldal

 Suldal stretches over an area of 1736 km2, and is uniquely placed between Preikestolen and Trolltunga; deep fjords and white mountain tops; massive water falls and busy town life; the salmon river Suldalslågen, innovative start-ups and traditional farm museums. Welcome to our Treasure Chamber!

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From salmon safari to fresh mountain air

In Suldal you can view one of Scandinavia's biggest hydropower developments, float down the Suldalslågen river together with the salmon, enjoy traditional dishes at a local cafe, breathe in fresh Suldal air from a mountain top and visit unique architectural sights. View some of our top picks, or search for the experience of your choice below.

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A range of opportunities throughout the year

The Treasure Chamber Suldal contains many unique things to do and places to see all year. Looking for something special during your visit? Try out our seasonal activity suggestions below.

Image of Suldal travel brochure


Summer is a fantastic time to visit Suldal with its green vegetation, wide range of trekking opportunities, summer open museums and lively town life.
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Image of Discovery Route poster


Autumn brings out Suldal's fame with fishermen from all over the country coming to the valley for their chance of catching their big fish.
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Image of Høsebru bridge

Winter and Spring

Whether you like to explore snow covered mountains in silence or soak in a warm bath, Suldal will make you feel at home during the coldest months of the year.
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Image of mayor in Suldal Gerd Helen Bø
Foto: Judith Sørhus Litlehamar

Welcome to Suldal

As a guest in The Treasure Chest of Suldal, you can find something for everyone and everything from fjords to mountains. You can experience a natural environment that will provide you with rich sensory experiences. All of this is waiting for you if you are looking for an active holiday, or, alternatively, you can spend your time enjoying our modern architecture or historical buildings. The great local food on offer will make a great day even better.
The National Tourist Route in Ryfylke runs through Suldal, allowing travellers to enjoy lush fjords and rugged mountains.
Suldal is rich in natural resources and water has been an important resource for Suldal throughout history. Today, you can enjoy a wide range of water-based experiences, from Norway’s largest power magazine, the Blåsjø Reservoir, high up in the mountains, to the salmon river, Suldalslågen. 
The locals are proud of their town and their region and they will offer you a warm welcome.
Welcome as a guest to Suldal!
Gerd Helen Bø, Mayor of Suldal

A glimpse of Suldal

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