Mann med stjernehimmel
Stjernehimmel © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Jarle Lunde/Suldal foto
Mann med stjernehimmel
Stjernehimmel © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Jarle Lunde/Suldal foto

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Looking for fun experiences and activities for your haustferien, or maybe you are planning a short holiday or weekend trip to Ryfylke this hausten? In Suldal you can wake up to mountains, fjords, lakes and rivers with a lot of good nature and cultural experiences that wake you up. Here are our top 10 haustopplevingar in Suldal.

1. Hausten's cultural programme

At the Culture House in Suldal you can attend various concerts, performances and visit the Ryfylke Library. Ryfylke kunstlag also has exhibitions at the cultural center through hausten. Hjå hovudsetet of the Ryfylke Museum, Nesasjøhuset, you can see handsome exhibitions for the whole family. During the Haustferien holidays, one also arranges trading days in the municipal center. Read more on the Facebook group "Sand i Suldal".

An overview of the haust program can be found under "What happens" here on the and by downloading the app "Visit Suldal".

2. Kortreiste matopplevingar

In Suldal there are a number of beautiful cafés and restaurants. In the municipal centre of Sand you will find KULP, Ryfylke Fjordhotel and Brunsj AS. In addition, our accommodation towns have offered refreshments and good food experiences to order where you can visit our own farm brewery, enjoy a four-course dinner in a design hotel and be served "three from the garden" in a restored barn. You will also find a number of good farm halls scattered throughout our municipality. Read more about the food offer in Suldal under the tabs "Food & Accommodation" and "Get inspired".

3. Out on the lake by boat and canoe

In Suldal you have a number of beautiful fjords and mountain lakes you can embark on. In the fjord, you are free to fish as long as you stay away from the protected areas close to salmon rivers, but you can obtain a fishing license from From Vikane Hyttetun you can rent a boat and canoe to the beautiful lake Suldalsvatnet. From Gullingen tourist center you can rent a boat and canoe to Mosvatnet. From Ryfylke base camp you can find available equipment for Sandsfjorden. From Joker Vatlandsvåg, Fjord Expedition and Hebnes Fjordferie you can rent a boat to lay out on the fjord with.

4. Health and well-being

Hjå Suldal Bad you will find symje pool, therapy bath, slide, diving tower, climbing wall, sauna and outdoor jacuzzi. The Heile facility has fantastic views of the fjord and the surrounding nature. Ein can also vacant private tub. Hjå Mo Laksegard you get a view of Suldalslågen, while you from Vikane Hyttetun get a view of Suldalsvatnet. In the center of Sand, you will also find a fitness center, massage offer and more.

5. Enjoy the colours of the haust from a mountain top

Nothing is great than great hiking experiences when nature shows up in its beautiful color suit! In Suldal you will find Rogaland's highest peak pairs such as Snønuten and Vassdalseggi. For those seeking the slightly lower-rise peaks with fantastic views, you can make their way to Napen, where you feel like you are on top of Rogland's roof. From Hellandsnuten has a view of five fjords, medan Onglanuten is a great trip for the whole family where you get a view down the valley to Sand and Sandsfjorden. Overview of great hiking routes can be found here.

6. Downtown strolls

Suldal offers great hiking experiences for those who do not want the longest and steepest routes. Close to our hamlets you will find handsome walks close to fjords, rivers and lakes that pass born in all aldrar. You can get free hiking maps for each hamlet under "Hiking" at, at Suldal tourist office and in selected shops.

Along the Sand safari route, you go through the center of Sand, along Suldalslågen and past Sandsfossen waterfall and the award-winning Høsebrua. On the trip Erøy-around you get close to the fjord and birdlife. Out the Førland Islands, you can get close to the river with plenty of fun to explore and discover for the little ones. The walk along Lake Ritlandsvatnet is good for strollers. All our tour suggestions can be found here.

On Sand, Jelsa and the Ropeid peninsula there are also eigne cultural-historical trails where you can learn more about chieftaingars, turbulent priests, "yes-benches", big fires and shipbuilding. Read more in the app "Visit Suldal".

7. Great cycling experiences

In Suldal you will find a number of great cycling experiences where you get close to nature and the surrounding people. From Nesflaten, Suldalsosen and in Suldalsheiane find a narrow, idyllic construction road that winds its way into the landscape. Read more under "Bicycle" here on

8. Opplevingar for borna

Heile the year find a number of handsome activities in Suldal for the family holiday. In our various hamlets and in the mountains find a nice hikar suitable for the born in all aldrar. Combine the trip with fishing in a mountain lake, a visit to a tourist cabin, a trip by canoe or boat on the lake or a refreshing shower in a waterfall. In the municipal center of Sand you will find a climbing park and the bathing facility Suldal Bad. At the Culture House in Suldal, you can catch the latest cinemas, family events and bowling.

9. Visit the municipal center of Sand with kafear, museum and local shops

Enjoy a day of hausthandel in the municipal center Sand, which is close to Sandsfjorden with various niche shops, kafear and museum. At the Nesa Lake House at the Ryfyke Museum, the youngest can dress up as king and queen, and visit the self-evident Kvitebjørnen. In the center of Sand there is also a climbing park for the younger ones. Utvalde dagar has a square. Stay tuned to SandiSuldal on Facebook for more information.

10. A wide selection of hotels and cabins

In Suldal you can stay at design buildings, traditional cabins and fjord-close hotels. The Heile overview can be found here.

If you want several suggestions for good experiences in Suldal, you can read here or download our app "Visit Suldal" in Google Play or App Store. I am also more likely to ask you on or via message on Facebook and Instagram if you need help or tips for planning!

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