Utsikt mot Suldalsvatnet frå lounge i Energihotellet.
Energihotellet © Statens Vegvesen. Foto: Dag Jenssen

Green Travel

Green Travel

When you see the "Green Travel" symbol you know that you as a guest are picking experiences and places to stay that have a eco-certification, and in this way you can make a difference by supporting businesses that have taken an active stand towards their social and environmental responsibility.

Suldal - a sustainable destination

In 2020, Suldal got accredited as a "Sustainable Destination" under the national programme in Norway. To get this accreditation, the destination has to map out its performance on about 100 different factors related to social, environment and economic sustainability. The accreditation does not state that the destination is sustainable, but that the destination is working towards a continuous improvement on these factors. The goal is to ensure that the destination is a good place to visit and live in today, and for future generations.

The greener picks

We are proud that several of our accommodations and activity providers are working strategically towards reducing their environmental footprint by becoming accredited by different eco-certification organizations. At the Visit Suldal website you can identify these businesses by looking for the green "grass turf". By choosing these businesses you take a stand by ensuring that you support the businesses that work actively and strategically towards our common sustainability goals. You find everyone with an accreditation on this page.