Høse bridge
Høsebrua © Statens Vegvesen. Foto: Dag Jenssen
View from hotel
Energihotellet © Statens Vegvesen. Foto: Dag Jenssen

Nature and design

National Tourist Route
Place to eat

Suldal is the hydropower capital of Norway, where the power of water, wild nature and innovative architecture meet among the small fjordside villages. Explore the powers of nature and man in this two-day package.

You will spend two days in the small village of Nesflaten, with majestic mountains and the lake Suldalsvatnet as your closest neighbor. Here you will stay at the hydropower hotel Energihotellet designed by the architect Geir Grung as a part of the Suldal-Røldal hydropower development. You will explore the hydropower architecture in the Nesflaten village and take the renowned Architectural Route with stops such as Høsebru bridge, Ostasteidn, Allmannajuvet and the Svandalsfossen waterfall. The tour is a part of the Norway’s official scenic routes. The area is also great for hiking, fishing, swimming and cycling.

In the summer you have the option to take a tour via car or bike through breath-taking mountain scenery to Norway’s biggest hydropower reservoir: Blåsjø. The lake is made up by several dams 1,000 meters above sea-level and contains enough energy to supply the city of Stavanger for over 4 years.

Recommended program:

·     Two nights at the design hotel Energihotellet with breakfast

·     Two 3-course dinners built on local produce

·     Peaceful days where the good experiences are in the high-seat

Worth knowing:

·     The Architectural Route is structured as a private drive. This tour is therefore suited for those arriving by car. It is also possible to make arrangements for local transportation at an additional cost.

·     Blåsjø hydropower reservoir is only available when the snow has melted from the roads. Off-season this visit can be substituted with a nature hike in rich landscape.

·     The package can be tailor made to suit your needs.