View of a fjordView of a fjord
Hylsfjorden © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Jarle Lunde/Suldal Foto
Hylsfjorden © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Jarle Lunde/Suldal Foto
A farm located in the hillside above a fjord
Litunet © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Jarle Lunde/Suldal Foto

Hylsfjord cruise with Helgøy Skyssbåt

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Hylsfjorden lies in the far north of Ryfylke in a fjord arm of Sandsfjorden, and is one of the most spectacular fjords in the region where it cuts through high mountains and idyllic villages. Today, the fjord is perhaps one of the best hidden treasures in Ryfylke, but the fjord has a rich history as one of the most important trade routes between east and west in the 19th century. The trip starts from outer Ryfylke and picks up passengers from various quays into the fjord system.

Option 1: Hylsfjorden with a musical element

The traditional fjord cruise into Hylsfjorden takes you all the way to Hylen, right in the heart of the fjord. On the way, local storytellers, who were themselves born and raised by the fjord, tell interesting stories from the villages and the surrounding nature. The highlight is when we stop in Suldalseid where we hear wonderful tones from the local musicians in LOKIS with the fjord as a backdrop.

After the trip to Hilsfjorden there will be a stop in the beach town of Sand, which is located at the junction of Saudafjord, Hilsfjord and Sandsfjord. Among the white wooden houses near the fjord, you can enjoy a vibrant village life with local niche shops, cafes, fjord-side alfresco restaurants, a heritage trail, a park, a boat harbor and more. Sandalslågen, a 22-kilometer salmon river famous for its wild salmon population, also flows from Sand. A 10-minute walk from the center you can see Sandsfossen and wild salmon at Norway's first salmon studio.

Option 2: The historic road to Litunet

Through a collaboration with Ryfylkemuseet, you now also have the opportunity to take the historic fjord road almost 300 steep meters up the mountainside from Hylsfjorden to Litunet, which is one of the most conservation-worthy museum sites in our region. Here you can step into the history of the 18th century and enjoy a panoramic view of the fjord. The boat will return to pick you up again after a couple of hours.

Helgøy has regular departures in the summer season. Groups can get in touch for an offer on a trip throughout the year. Visit for timetables and booking.

Hylsfjord cruise with Helgøy Skyssbåt
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