Litunet (a place name)Litunet (a place name)
Litunet © Ryfylke Museum. Photo: Jarle Lunde / Suldal Photo
Litunet © Ryfylke Museum. Photo: Jarle Lunde / Suldal Photo
Litunet (a place name)
Litunet © Ryfylke Museum. Photo: Jarle Lunde/Suldal Phot

Litunet cluster farmstead

Arts and crafts

High up on the hillside, with panoramic views over Hylsfjorden in Suldal, lies the farm Li - almost 300 steep meters above the fjord.

In the farmyard, there are 13 buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, which house a lot of old artifacts. The composition of buildings for various purposes gives the farmyard a medieval character, while the buildings themselves were constructed using traditional craftsmanship that dates back far in history. The farmyard is among the most culturally valuable in this part of the country and is therefore of national interest. The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage protected Litunet in 1974. The landscape around Li is a characteristic Western Norwegian cultural landscape with small patches of farmland, stone fences, and clearance cairns.

In the summer season, together with Hylsfjordcruiset by Helgøy Skyssbåt, they offer the opportunity to visit the farm by taking the historical trail up from the fjord. You can find more information at

Litunet cluster farmstead
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