Children in a cinemaChildren in a cinema
Cinema © Kulturhuset i Suldal. Foto: Jan Nordtveit
Cinema © Kulturhuset i Suldal. Foto: Jan Nordtveit
Children playing bowling
Bowling © Kulturhuset i Suldal. Foto: Jan Nordtveit

Suldal Cultural Centre

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The Kulturhuset in Suldal is beautifully situated on a hill above the center of Sand, and is a natural meeting point for cultural experiences of all kinds.


The Kulturhuset opened in 2002 and was designed by the Asplan Viak architectural office in Stavanger. In the building you will find a modern cinema, library, the Brunsj cafe which is suitable for the whole family, bowling and various exhibitions throughout the year in the gallery hall.

A small amphitheater with 300 seats has also been built behind the Kulturhuset in Suldal, towards Løhaugen, which is the 1,000-year-old square on Sand. Various games and events are organized here.

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Suldal Cultural Centre
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