a lady reading a book children playing
Nesasjøhuset © Ryfylkemuseet. Foto: Lise Bjelland
The Polar Bear © Ryfylkemuseet. Foto: Ryfylkefotografen
children playing
The Polar Bear © Ryfylkemuseet. Foto: Ryfylkefotografen

Diverse cultural life at Nesasjøhuset

Arts and crafts

Nesasjøhuset is a restored sea house which now serves as the headquarters for Ryfylkemuseet's activities in the entire region. The building is charmingly located by the Hydrokaien in the center of Nordenden av Sand.

On the first floor you will find the museum shop where you can buy local literature such as village books, theme books, linseed oil products and high-quality handicraft products, you will also find a cozy cafe where you can buy something to drink and something to eat while you enjoy the wonderful view of the fjord

On the second and third floors you can see the following exhibitions:

The "Kvitebjørnen" (permanent exhibition)

The Kvitebjørnen is an interactive exhibition for children of all ages. Here you can dress up as king and queen, dance in the hall of mirrors, climb the castle and greet the self-appointed white bear. You can also hear the exciting story about the children and the White Bear. The exhibition is inspired by a story by the local author Rasmus Løland.

Walking exhibition

Various exhibitions are held throughout the year in the exhibition space on the second floor of Nesasjøhuset. In this way, there is always something new to experience at the museum! You can find information about the exhibition that is on display at any time at ryfylkemuseet.no.

Ryfylkemuseet also has a number of great museum facilities such as Kolbeinstveit , Litunet , Røynevarden and many more. Throughout the year, the various facilities are open for visits, some with guided tours. More information about this can be found at ryfylkemuseet.no

Easily accessible: Nesasjøhuset has an entrance and toilet adapted for wheelchair users. The exhibitions are on the second and third floors, where you have your own lift which can be used when needed. There is plenty of space and good light in the exhibitions, shop and cafe.

Diverse cultural life at Nesasjøhuset
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