Fishing in the fjordFishing in the fjord
Ropeid, Photo: Karl Ohm
Vindafjorden, Photo: Karl Ohm
Fishing in the fjord
Ropeid Peninsula © Treasure Chamber of Suldal. Photo: Rune Roalkvam

Fishing in the fjord


Suldal has proximity to several fjords in inner Ryfylke, offering great fishing opportunities with a variety of fish species.

Good fishing spots:

Hydrokaien in the northern end of Sand

Note: Protected zone at Hydrokaien. Due to a weak stock of sea trout, a larger area outside Suldalslågen down to Eide is a protected zone. This means that all fishing for salmon and sea trout is prohibited here throughout the year. However, fishing for saltwater fish with a rod or hand line is allowed outside 100 meters from the boundary between the river and the sea.

Hylen along RV 13 between Suldalsosen and Nesflaten

Jelsa pier

Erfjord pier

Vatlandsvåg pier

You do not need a fishing permit or other licenses to fish in the fjord, but it is important to familiarize yourself with the fishing regulations that apply to the fjord at any given time. Among other things, you should maintain a certain distance from river outlets, some species are protected, and it is important to show consideration for those around you. More information can be found at and from the County Governor.

Well facilitated: The piers Hydrokaien, Hylen, Jelsa pier, Erfjord pier, and Vatlandsvåg pier have good access with parking spaces nearby. The piers are made of cast concrete, allowing easy access to the fjord.

Fishing in the fjord
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