Sandsfossen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto:Kjetil Brekke/ Suldal Foto
Suldalslågen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Kjetil Brekke/ Suldal Foto
Salmon studio in Suldalslågen river
Laksestudio © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Kjetil Brekke/ Suldal Foto



Suldalslågen is the Westland's largest river, and stretches over 22 km from Suldalsvatnet to Sandsfjorden. Suldalslågen does not have a very big drop, but sneaks calmly through Suldalsdalen before it ends in Sandsfossen på Sand.


Suldalslågen has been a source of both great opportunities and disagreement in the Suldal community over fishing rights and regulations. In the 19th century, fishing in the river was so great that the lake was almost empty of salmon. At this time, the Englishman Walter Archer, a keen amateur fisherman, came to Suldal and was able to negotiate the rights for all the fishing in the river, at the same time as he banned nets and commercial fishing equipment. After this, Suldalslågen has been a popular river for sport fishing. To this day, you can find a salmon castle along the river that reminds of this time.

Suldalslågen is today a recognized salmon river, especially known for being a large salmon population where the record salmon was a whopping 34 kilos! The entire river is open to salmon and offers good and varied fishing opportunities. At Sandsfossen, you can also visit the Salmon Studio where you can go down the fifth step of the salmon ladder to see the salmon on their way up the river. The host in the studio is happy to share information about the Salmo Suldal salmon strain and how it has shaped the Suldal community.

The river is regulated according to the Suldal-Røldal development and the Ulla-Førre development, and has a minimum flow. This means that there are good fishing conditions throughout the season.

Mo Laksegard offers a range of activities in the river such as salmon safaris and river rafting.

On the page for Norwegian salmon rivers, you can also find more information about rules in relation to fishing in the river.

Well accessible: Several landowners have arranged fishing spots along the river. Contact us for more information. There are also great stopping places arranged along the river with good views. This includes the Sand Safari route and hiking opportunities along the river from Suldalsosen (see hiking map for Sand and Suldalsosen).

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