a fish that is jumping in a water fallto people walking with fishing rods in a river
Suldalslågen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Kjetil Brekke/ Suldal Foto
Suldalslågen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Lise Bjelland
to people walking with fishing rods in a river
Suldalslågen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Lise Bjelland

Salmon fishing in Suldalslågen

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Suldalslågen is the largest river in Western Norway, and stretches over 22 km from Suldalsvatnet to Sandsfjorden. Suldalslågen does not have a very big drop, but sneaks quietly through Suldalsdalen before it ends in Sandsfossen by Sand.


Suldalslågen is today a well-known salmon river, especially known for being a large salmon population where the record salmon was a whopping 34 kilos! The entire river is open to salmon and offers good and varied fishing opportunities. The river is regulated according to the Suldal-Røldal development and the Ulla-Førre development, and has a minimum flow. This means that there are good fishing conditions throughout the season.

Information about landowners who sell fishing licenses and rules for fishing in the river can be found at suldalslagen.no. There are also several landowners who offer to rent cabins along the river. You can find several of them under "Food & Stay".

Easily accessible: There are organized fishing spots designed according to the principle of universal design and suitable for wheelchair users in several places along the river. Contact us for more information.

Salmon fishing in Suldalslågen
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