Two people in a canoeTwo people in a canoe
Paddling on the fjord © Treasure Chamber of Suldal. Photo: Lise Bjelland
Paddling on the fjord © Treasure Chamber of Suldal. Photo: Lise Bjelland
Picture of Suldalsvatnet lake
Suldalsvatnet lake © Treasure Chamber of Suldal. Photo: Anne Lise Norheim

Boat and canoe rental

Boat sea

Explore fjords and lakes at your own pace by renting a boat or canoe. It's a fun activity for both young and old!

Here is an overview of some of the providers in Suldal:

Vikane Hyttetun offers boat and canoe rentals on Suldalsvatnet in Suldalsosen.

Gullingen Turistsenter offers boat and canoe rentals on Mosvatnet in Gullingen.

Joker Vatlandsvåg offers boat and SUP rentals to the fjord from Vatlandsvåg on the Ropeid Peninsula.

Ryfylke fjordhotel/Ryfylke basecamp offers kayak and SUP rentals to Sandsfjorden from their hotel in Sand town center.

Fjord Expedition offers boat rentals from Jelsa. You can make reservations through this link. They also offer guided kayak tours in Økstrafjorden. Learn more on their website.

Sand strand- og kajakkutleige offers kayak, canoe, and other equipment rentals to Sandsfjorden from Neset/Hydrokaien in Sand.

In the fjords, fishing is free for all, but it's important to familiarize yourself with national and local regulations through the County Governor's office. To fish in lakes, you must obtain a fishing license via

Boat and canoe rental
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