Picture of BlåsjøPicture of Blåsjø
Blåsjø Foto: Anne Lise Norheim
Blåsjø Foto: Statkraft
Picture of Blåsjø
Blåsjø Foto: Anne Lise Norheim


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Blåsjø, the largest hydropower reservoir in Norway, is well worth a visit. The reservoir covers 82 square kilometres and is contained by no less than eleven dams!


Blåsjø was a part of the Ulla-Førre hydropower development, the country’s largest to date. The facilities were built in stages and put into operation between 1974 and 1988. The catchment area that is regulated covers 2000 km2 and lies in the mountains between Suldal and Hjelmeland municipalities in Rogaland county, and Bykle municipality in Aust-Agder county. As the largest reservoir of Ulla-Førre, Blåsjø can accumulate three years of precipitation!


A number of dams were built to contain the Blåsjø reservoir, which is situated on a plateau at 1000 m. On its eastern side is Storvass dam, the biggest rockfill dam in the country. Oddatjørn dam on the western side is the tallest, an impressive 141 metres high. In Førrejuvet gorge is Norway’s largest reinforced concrete dam, 1270 metres long and 90 metres high.


The Ulla-Førre hydropower development project led to considerable relocation and major changes in Suldal. New neighbourhoods were established at Sand, in Suldalsosen and other villages. New industrial areas and new businesses were established, and new roads were built.


The road onto the mountain plateau is usually open in July, and most often the road stays open through September – although either can change due to lingering winter snow or early autumn snowfall. To get to Blåsjø and the dam, drive to Gullingen Turistsenter and continue into the mountains.


For further information, please contact the Suldal Tourist Information, tel. 52 79 05 60.

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