Nesflaten, Foto: Dag Jenssen
Nesflaten, Foto: Dag Jenssen
Nesflaten, Foto: Dag Jenssen

Stroll close to power and water on Nesflaten

National Tourist Route
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On a stroll through the neighborhood of Nesflaten, you will experience great village culture and rich architecture. A great view of Suldalsvatnet is a highlight.


Nesflaten is a protected area due to its special architecture that came about as a result of the Røldal-Suldal power development in the 1960s. Einebustadar on Kilen, the power station, and the Energihotellet are in a distinctly functionalist style where concrete, minimalism, and flat roofs break with the typical western architecture.

Follow the road past the school's playground, past the swimming pool, and to the old wooden bridge. From the bridge, you can go to Granden, a small island in the river that is especially nice for children to play on. The road is easily accessible and suitable for wheelchairs and walkers

Facts about the trip:

Time: 30 min

Distance: 3 km

Category: Light (green)

Highest point: 70 m

Access: By car to Nesflaten.

Easily accessible: This route is well laid out with a wide road on asphalted or gravel road, in addition to a wide bridge. The area is flat, and does not have large variations in elevation.

Stroll close to power and water on Nesflaten
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