Høsebrua, Foto: Dag Jenssen


Suldal is amelting pot of wild nature, exciting culture, innovative businesses and award-winning design and engineering skills. and charming fjord villages. Here you can float down the river on a Salmon Safari or walk across the Høsebrua bridge that won the prize "Brigde of the Year". You also find outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna and an activity pool with a view of the fjord and 70 km of marked ski trails.

Attractions in Suldal

Suldal has a variety of attractions, many of which have a connection with the element water. See the salmon make its way up streams after many years in the ocean in the salmon study, view new exhibitions at our museums and explore majestic views out in nature.

Activities in Suldal

In Suldal you can experience the elements, nature and the local culture up Close. Enjoy the thrilling experience of going fishing in a remote water, enjoy the view of five fjords from a mountain top, challange your family in a bowling competition or relax in a fire-heated hot tub.