Høsebrua, Foto: Dag Jenssen


Suldal have a broad range of popular activities and attractions. Why not try the Salmon Safari or walking across the Høsebrua bridge? On the architectural roundtrip you can experience world- class architecture. During wintertime downhill and cross-country skiing are popular activities.

Attractions in Suldal

Suldal has a variety of attractions, many of which have a connection with the element water. In the Salmon Studio at Sandsfossen, you can peer into the river as the powerful salmon make their way upstream to spawn. Walking across the Høsebrua bridge, you see and hear the roaring river of Suldalslågen right beneath your feet!

Activities in Suldal

Suldal’s many rivers and lakes, and of course the fjords offer many opportunities for adventures. Experience the scenery and elements up close!