To personar med druer i hendene
Midtsommar © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Lise Bjelland.
Strandstaden Sand frå fjorden
Sand © Skattkammeret Suldal. Foto: Lise Bjelland.

Short break: A fjord expedition

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Suldal has over 300 km of coastline with over 40 islands and a number of fjord arms to explore. The fjord was the most important traffic channel through Suldal in historical times which means that village and sightseeing offers are easily accessible from the water to this day. In this short holiday you get to explore our extensive fjord network, combined with exciting local food experiences.

Day 1: Historic trading town, orchard, and idyllic fjord arms

Take the trip by boat into the Ryfylke fjord system, where you will reach Foldøy in the very south of Suldal, which lies and watches over traffic further into the fjord system between the historic village of Hebnes and Jelsa. From here you start with a trip into Jelsafjorden and Erfjorden with many beautiful coves, islets, and reefs where Barkaneset, Skardsholmane, and the bathing beach Habn are well worth a stop! From Foreneset, Fjord Expedition offers guided paddling trips into Økstrafjorden and Aktiv Fuglestein offers SUP trips. Perhaps you book a visit to our apple orchard Fuglestein Fruktgard with over 17,000 apple trees and several wonderful apple products for which they have become known throughout the region.

After a bit of sightseeing, you head to Jelsa, which is the best-preserved fjord town in Ryfylke! Take a stroll through the town center with beautiful, historic wooden houses. Find the QR point and take the cultural history route through the city to learn more about history. In the summer season, Jelsa church and the school house are open on regular days, and out-of-season groups can book a tour via Jelsa Hotell. Jelsa Hotell is ideally located a short walking distance from the center and offers lunch and dinner to order. In the summer you can get local strawberries from the convenience store, which has gained a reputation for being the world's best from the ground!

After a long day in the fjord, you can take a break at one of the many tourist spots in the area (see review in the "Eat and Stay" section) or spend the night at Hotel Jelsa.

Day 2: Vineyard, viking and wild salmon

The next day you take the short trip across the fjord to the hamlet of Hebnes. Due to its strategic location, this was the hometown of the largest chieftain in Ryfylke in the 13th century, Torstein av Heimnes, who was also decisive in the battle that ended 100 years of civil war in Norway. The memorial to Torstein meets you on the quay when you come ashore. From Hebnes you can head to what is Rogaland's first vineyard: Hebnes vinyard, where you get a tour and wine tasting. Remember to book!​​

Furthermore, the trip goes to the bay of Vatlandsvåg, where they have their own shop. They also offer boards, fishing equipment, and electric bikes for hire. Perhaps they wish to hire bicycles to explore the island, take a great trip up to Grytenuten, or take the cultural-historical trail around Grytevatnet to learn more about the rich history of the island.

Vatlandsvåg has its own guest harbor, but you can also take the trip to the municipal center Sand, which also has a guest harbor. Suldal Hotell and Ryfylke fjordhotell are also close to the fjord. Consider taking a detour into Lovrafjorden on the way to take in the view of the iconic cabin on the tiny island inside. In the municipal center Sand, you can stroll through the beach town with white wooden houses that lie close to the water's edge. Here you will find various niche shops, cafes, a museum, and a cultural center.

Within a short walking distance from the center you will find Norway's first salmon studio where, in season, you can see the wild salmon that have started their journey up Suldalslågen. You can also take a trip to the Suldal Bad water park or to the many great hiking networks in the area. From Hellandsnuten you get a view of five fjords!

Day 3: Historic thoroughfare with local food treasures

On the last day of this short trip, you take the boat further into the Hylsfjorden, which lies in the far northeast of the fjord system in Ryfylke. The fjord was for many years one of the most important transport routes between east and west in the country and was also a popular pilgrimage route up to the stave church in Røldal.

On the trip, you pass the village of Vanvik on the west side of the fjord. Feel free to stop here to explore the charming village and the beautiful bathing area Sandvikjå. You can also take a trip to the farm shop of Fattnes Vestre where they have their own baking house! ‍

Further in the fjord, you must remember to look up, where you can catch a glimpse of the Litunet Museum garden, which is a part of the Ryfylke Museum. This is one of the most protected group of buildings in our region and dates back to the 18th century. Groups can contact the Ryfylkemuseet for booking, and it is also open to individual visitors during the summer season. Further on, you pass the beautiful Lingvongfossen waterfall.

At the most nothern point of the fjord, you come to Hylen. Historically, the village went by the name "Sølvkannestranda", something that says something about the wealth that was in this hamlet due to the large amount of traffic between east and west that passed here. In Hylen you will also find the Hylen power station, which is part of Northern Europe's largest power development: Ulla Førre. From Hilén you can travel to Hilskärdet, where you can book a tour of the Súldalsjönning honey production in Våg. The largest lake presented to you: Sudalsvatnet.

With a little planning, it is also possible to book a shuttle across the lake with Energihotellet, which is our great design hotel at the northern end of the lake in Nesflaten. Maybe they stop at the Kolbeinstveit Museum garden on the way?

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