Sandsfossen Suldalslågen
Suldalslågen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Kjetil Brekke/ Suldal Foto
Salmonstudio in Suldalslågen
Laksestudio, Suldalslågen © Skattkammeret Suldal Foto: Kjetil Brekke/ Suldal Foto

Suldalslågen: A Renowned River for Large Salmon

Tent grounds

River angling is an exciting challenge – can you hook that big salmon? Suldalslågen is renowned for the size of its salmon, the record being a 34-kilo fish caught in 1913! You can check the movement of the salmon on the live webcam on Youtube and skoti@suldalslågen.

Suldal has two salmon rivers: Suldalslågen and Hålandselva.


 Salmon fishing in Suldalslågen

Suldalslågen river flows from Suldalsvatnet lake to the Sandsfjord. On this 22-kilometre stretch to Sand, the river flows calm and wide through a varied wilderness and cultural landscape, turning into foaming rapids at the gorge (Juvet). At the mouth of the river is Sandfossen, a mighty waterfall despite its modest height. Suldalslågen river is popular with salmon fishermen, but in recent years the trout catches have increased significantly.

Trout fishing season is from 1 May till 30 September, while salmon season lasts from July 20 through 30 September.


For more information on salmon fishing in Suldalslågen, please visit 

Mo Laksegard, “the salmon estate”, has a fishing guide to Suldalslågen, tel (+47) 52 79 76 90.



Salmon fishing in Hålandselva

Another salmon river is Hålandselva, which flows into the Erfjord at Hålandsosen. Salmon will migrate up the river when there is sufficient water flow. The salmon fishing season starts on 15 June and lasts through August.

For further information on fishing in Hålandselva, please see

Fishing licenses for Hålandselva may be purchased at the Suldal Tourist Information Office. 

For more detailed information, contact the Tourist Office at tel. +47 52 79 05 60, or


Rules for fishing the rivers

For information on the required national fishing license, see

For information on the sale of fishing licenses to Suldalslågen, please see


Fishing licenses for the Suldalslågen river may be purchased from:


Brit Kristin Nærheim and Vidar Jørgensen

Gallandsvegen 45

4230 Sand.

Tel. +47 93415549


Mo Laksegard


4230 Sand.

Tel. +47 97042825


Suldal Sportsfiske

Gullingvegen 22

4230 Sand

Tel : +47 94 39 44 13

Equipment can be bought at Suldal Sportsfiske

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