Nesasjøhuset © Ryfylkemuseet Foto: Jarle Lunde/ Suldal Foto
Kvitebjørn/ The Poar Bear © Ryfylkemuseet Foto: Jarle Lunde/ Suldal Foto

Nesasjøhuset, Ryfylke Museum

Arts and crafts

The old wharf Nesasjøhuset is one of many historically important buildings in Sand. Situated at the northern end of the fjordside village, it now houses the Ryfylke Museum.


The wharf dates back to 1850 and was built to salt herring, and to store seine nets and boats. The lucrative herring fisheries of the 19th century had a profound impact on western Norway. After these fisheries tapered off, Nesasjøhuset was used as a mechanical workshop and restored to become a museum. Today it houses two floors of exhibitions, a library and offices, a museum shop and a café.


"The Polar Bear" (Kvitebjørnen) is a fairytale exhibition for children, based on the popular story by local author Rasmus Løland. The young audience is invited to look and listen, and even dress up and explore their favourite role.

Saturday the 10th of February the exhibition Wool and Sheep around the North Atlantic Sea will be opened at the Ryfylkemuseet. The exhibition will stand at the museum untill the end of august 2018.


During the summer, the sloop “Brothers of Sand" is usually moored at the wharf unless she is sailing. Built in 1866, “Brothers of Sand" was based in Sand in her heyday as well. The Ryfylke Museum has been her proud owner since 1997 and had the vessel brought back to her former glory at the Hardanger Vessel Restoration Centre. Today an association of friends takes care of its maintenance and operation, and also provides the volunteer skipper and crew. Guided tours of the ship, and sailing trips on the fjord, on request.

Monday-Friday, 9AM-3PM (09:00-15:00) Saturday 11AM-3PM (11:00-15:00)

Extended opening hours in school vacations and in December


Ryfylke Museum Tel. (+47) 52 79 29 50, post@ryfylkemuseet.no

Nesasjøhuset, Ryfylke Museum
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