Fishing in the fjordFishing in the fjord
Ropeid, Foto: Karl Ohm
Vindafjorden, Foto: Karl Ohm
Fishing in the fjord
Ropeidhalvøya Foto: Rune Roalkvam

Fishing the fjord


Imagine standing on a rock by the fjord, watching the summer evening glow and seeing mackerel teeming just beneath your feet.


You can enjoy fishing the fjord every season of the year, and no fishing license is
required. The most common catch is cod, mackerel, saithe and pollock. Keep in mind that there are restrictions on fishing close to rivers.

Some good locations to fish in the fjord from in Suldal:

Hydrokaien, Sand

Eide, Sand

Hylen, Øvre Suldal

Hålandsosen, Erfjord

Jelsa kai, Jelsa

Marvik, Ropeidhalvøya

Hebnes, Ropeidhalvøya

Vatlandsvåg, Ropeidhalvøya

Vanvik, Hylsfjorden


For information on boat hire, please contact the Suldal Tourist Information.



Fishing the fjord
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