Picture of Svandalsfossen, SaudaPicture of Allmannajuvet zink mines, Sauda
Svandalsfossen Foto: Per Kollstad / Statens vegvesen
Allmannajuvet Foto: Roger Ellingsen / Statens vegvesen
Picture of Geir Grung architecture at Nesflaten
Nesflaten Foto: Dag Jenssen

An Architectural Roundtrip: World-class Architecture on a Scenic Trip

National Tourist Route

Experience world class and historic architecture while driving through a spectacular landscape over mountains and along fjords, rivers and lakes in Suldal, Sauda and Røldal. Highlights of the route include Allmannajuvet in Sauda by Peter Zumthor and Geir Grungs architecture for Røldal Suldal Kraft in Nesflaten. The Architectural Route has the best collection of architectural works in fjord Norway and is the only tourist route in Norway highlighting both modern and historic architecture in a day trip format. The route is part of the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke.

The route also has several historic architectual sites with the oldest, the Røldal Stave Church, dating back to the 1200s. The area has long farming traditions and there are several prime examples of traditional farm buildings, such as Kolbeinstveit from 1850, along the route. Industrial architecture in the area inlcudes the housing for workers of the smelting plant in Sauda from the 1920s.

Total driving time 2,5 - 3 hours (not including time spent at stops along the route). Note: The road from Allmannajuvet in Sauda to Røldal is closed during winter months (varying dates).

Hiking along the route:

Svandalsfossen, Hylsskaret and Røynevarden. All are shorter hikes suitable for most.

Museums along the route:

Ryfylkemuseet in Sand, Kolbeinstveit, Industriarbeidar-museet in Sauda, Allmannajuvet.

Stops particularly suitable for families with young children:

Kolbeinstveit, Røynevarden, Allmannajuvet and Svandalsfossen.

For more information visit the Suldal Tourist Information at Fossheim in Sand, designed by the famous architect Arnstein Arneberg, and the Sauda Tourist Information.

An Architectural Roundtrip: World-class Architecture on a Scenic Trip
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